About Laura Kraus

The Story of Laura's Birth

Laura Kraus was almost delivered by Patch Adams but he was late for the momentous occasion. When Laura was still in her mothers belly the regular doctor would not agree to perform a home delivery even though both of her older sisters had also been born at home. Laura’s mother heard about a doctor named Patch Adams who at the time was living in Washington, DC. Laura’s mother met with Patch and walked with him in his garden to discuss the birth. Patch agreed to perform the home delivery which would take place at a commune on top of a mountain. As the special day arrived Laura’s mother intuitively knew so she baked a poppy seed cake and tidied the home. As evening arrived she called Patch and he agreed it was almost time for Laura’s birth so he got in the car and began the 5 hour drive to the mountain top. The drive was long and Laura was impatient to explore the world. Everyone attending the birth could hear Patch winding his way up the mountain as Laura's father caught her in his arms. Patch having arrived late for the special moment was met with a father’s look of, what should I do next? Patch seeing all was well, simply said, “Carry on”. After checking out mother and baby Patch was thanked and given birthday cake and coffee then sent on his way. Laura continues to explore the world to this day and is often early or late to events. Special thank you to Hunter Doherty "Patch" Adams for all that he gives to this wonderful world.

Patch Adams, "We come in peace." By Oksana Yushko

About Laura

Laura Kraus wears many hats, an accomplished skydiver, cave SCUBA diver, licensed pilot, kayaker, reformed IT geek, entrepreneur, author, wife, mother and more. She has always had an adventurous spirit and love for nature. Growing up she enjoyed the outdoors, building forts and exploring the woods around her home. Having a gift for finding wild animals, she considered them all in need of assistance. From tadpoles to turtles, a baby squirrel to a young crow, all were gently carried home. Over time she eventually learned that wild animals belong in their natural habitat and are better left free. Her curiosity for wild life continues to lead her on worldwide adventures exploring nature.

Having a love for creative expression, Laura dabbles in everything artistic from watercolors to chalk on a sidewalk, poetry to dancing in the sky. Her passion for artistic, adventurous and entrepreneurial endeavors shows in all that she does. Nowadays she enjoys running her own businesses, sharing her creative projects with the world, skydiving and seeking adventures with her husband and two children. Every day she tries to take a moment, pause, and appreciate this incredible world.

Laura Kraus with her son.

Laura Volunteers

Laura spends time volunteering at the National Air and Space Museum and for the YMCA. Throughout the year Laura attends various public events held at the Smithsonian Institute, National Air and Space, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, including the Become a Pilot Day, Women in Aviation and Air and Scare. During these events she teaches parachute aerodynamics, flight and safety features of today's parachuting equipment, and parachute packing demonstrations. She inspires women and children to push their mental limits of whats possible for women in aviation today. Through demonstration and discussion Laura gives the public a better understanding of the how and why people love parachuting and aeronautics. Laura also volunteers at the YMCA by leading the Youth and Family Services rock climbing wall and climbing events. Through this community outreach event family's are introduced to rock climbing and given a safe and supportive environment to connect with each other and expand their personal limits. During these events Laura works with disabled, disadvantage and other family's by assisting with gearing up to climb, climbing safety and by belaying, coaching and leading participants.  

Laura at the Annual National Air and Space, Air and Scare.